About Us

Gameplan analytics identify at a glance the learning gaps that need to be addressed by the user. We are using software in the fields of data extraction, information interpretation, behavioral profile generation, entity matching, and machine learning to help our members succeed. We are also integrating artificial intelligence-based technology and information from leading employers how to develop an understanding of patterns for career progression. The analysis of resumes and job postings from around the globe will inform GamePlan’s identification of gaps in a user’s education and knowledge and will generate a strategy for acquiring necessary knowledge and skills in the most direct and strategic manner through online learning. We make available free to each user a career aptitude test. We will help organizations gather similar information on their employees. By knowing what each person knows, along with the specific career goals to which they aspire, we will recommend the activities each person should focus on next for their individualized path. GamePlan offers a global solution from its launch. Our goal is to develop and showcase a candidate’s unique strengths, and to find the ideal way to prepare each user for a targeted career, ideally suited to their personality, strengths, skills and knowledge base.